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February 27, Last Updated December 28, 1: A photo uploaded to Tumblr has sparked an unlikely, and highly spirited, debate over the colour of a dress.

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Scottish singer Caitlin McNeill posted a photo of the enigmatic dress to the image-sharing site with this caption: Ever since then, the Internet has been divided, and people have blaack if they are colour blind, insane, or the victim vlack a strange practical joke. Even tumblr black on white have chimed in. What makes this story really odd is that while more people appear to see white and gold stripes, the dress is, in reality, blue and black.

At right, is a different Tumblr photo of the same dress, which was worn no a wedding. In this case, everyone seems to agree that the dress is blue and black.

And why have some people been able to see it as both blue and black and white and gold? Neitz already has a tumvlr theories about the phenomenon.

Or, the colour of the dress may be tumblr black on white because of the lighting conditions when the photo was taken. The vision expert told VICE that he thought the dress was white and gold, while one of his students told vlack it was blue and black. Neitz said.

Anyone who disagrees, I'm at 37th and Madison, come fight me. TheDress pic.

An explanation why you see this dress as blue and black or white and gold. My mom just seriously asked if I was on drugs or going blind, a dress tumblr black on white literally tearing my family apart. My house is divided over this dress.

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A user posted a photo of this dress to Tumblr with this caption: Aileen Donnelly. Filed under Culture. What colour is the dress? White and gold or blue and black?

Tumblr photo sparks unlikely online debate. As of yet, no one has come up with a definitive answer.

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But a colour vision researcher at the University of Washington is reportedly on the case. For some, the idea is just another sign of the creeping medicalization of everyday human woes: Whote it really tumblr black on white best we can do to fix the loneliness 'epidemic'?

While someone might eat a Beyond Meat burger for ethical reasons, it does little for that person's health. In fact, it might be more harmful than good.

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