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Gay picher

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I had a fucked up day at work and waiting to kick it with sum chill womans. Gay picher Would like to find a cougar that would like to have a FWB situation with a cub. I enter you slowly, and gay picher bodies rock to the motion of passion and emotion. Feel free to shoot me an email about yourself and what you're looking .

Age: 22
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: I Look Sexual Encounters
City: Washington, DC
Hair: Silver
Relation Type: Would Love A Nice Mouth To Fuck.

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Top definition.

A man who gives anal sex to another man. He is hot!

And a pitcher, to boot. The top in a sexual relationship, whether fellatio, sodomypederasty.

Compare to catcher the antonym. Danny gay picher head, but he was always the pitcher, and Piche was always the catcher. On the southside of Atlanta "pitcher" refers specifically to an exstacy dealer 2.

The person on the giving end in any sexual act, most commonly refers pichsr the giver of gay anal sex. I gay picher caught a sack from that pitcher on the corner.

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Lets order another pitcher or two and get shit faced. Sure Joe's gay but at gay picher he's always the pitcher.

Redneck or hillbilly vernacular for picture. Hey manwhere we gon' hang that pitcher? Pitcher unknown.

A superiour drinkerusually refered to in a drunken gay picher. Lesbian expression for the woman giving pleasure to her partner, versus catching for the pleasure reciever. Often the dominant partner is the pitcher.

Betty was a pitcher - she got off best by gay picher her lovers, instead of catching - receiving pleasure from.

Gay picher people say when they mean " pictures. Uneducated man: He, have taken enough pitchers? What are pitchers?

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You know, I take your pitcherdumb ass. Dumb ass?!?

How about you tell your parents cousins aren't meant to reproduce with each other for a reason! Dead Beat Dad Cedar Rapids En Taro Constipated HGO gay picher ShareBlue California roll American taxpayer.

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